The singing couple of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello enjoy the days at home together. But he does not forgive that the fans do not share old photos, remembering his best moments of the race. These photos would not want or see Hair!

April 07, 202010: 13 AM

After several months where the love relationship was not confirmed by the couple themselves, finally Camila Cabello posted a video with the singer Shawn Mendes.

Since the filming of the video for ‘SeƱorita’, the artists have not stopped seeing each other publicly. Fans love this couple!

This time, Camila Cabello sang one of her new songs called ‘My Oh My’ through #iHeartConcertOnFox, while Shawn Mendes played the guitar.

Without a doubt, the two artists miss standing on top of a stage for thousands of fans, although for his followers he must miss even more what happens in these photos. Look!

Mommy! Although we understand that the ladies are part of the Shawn Mendes wardrobe team, they definitely enjoy being next to such a hottie.

Just watch their faces so attentive and happy, while one touches the boy’s torso and the other adjusts his belt. Can’t the 21-year-old do it himself?