The singer wanted to give a bit of the culture of her Cuban origins to the team of workers

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.

Mike Windle / .

Singer Camila Cabello The weekend pleased the staff of the Jackson South Medical Center hospital in Miami, where she is spending the period of isolation accompanied by her boyfriend Shawn mendes. Pop stars have donated 200 Cuban sandwiches from a well-known restaurant called The Latin Corner to distribute them among the workers.

Have been the employees of the medical center those who wanted to show the beautiful detail that the two musicians have had with them throught social media.

“El Rinconcito prepared all the sandwiches today and wrapped them individually for our team. On behalf of everyone, we thank you ”, have ensured since Instagram from the hospital with several photographs of the snacks that Camila and Shawn sent them, they looked very appetizing.

In addition to showing appreciation to all healthcare professionals who continue to fight every day to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the interpreters have also provided support to a local business that has been affected, like the rest of those in the area for the security measures that have forced them to close their doors.

The managers of the establishment have confirmed that the order exceeded 1,200 dollars and that they themselves were very surprised when they received the order in view of the fact that their clientele has been reduced almost to a minimum during the quarantine.

In the last weeks Camila and Shawn hThey have been photographed by the paparazzi on several occasions while walking around the vicinity of her house in Miami. and shopping at nearby stores.