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Nowadays it is impossible to speak about a ballad in Spanish without mentioning Camila. During fifteen years of impressive career, the group has set trends in the Spanish-speaking world. For this reason, and as part of the new stage of the group, they launched “Light”, An emotional theme that is charged with positive energy in troubled times.

Mario Domm, who completely composed the song and co-produced it with Ettore Grenci, shared how the song creation process was, which is already available on all digital platforms.

“Life and its changing sets remind us how fragile we are. ´Light is a call to reconnection and personal exploration, I had no idea when I wrote this song that would be so representative of this bewildering present, I have always believed that happiness is not a concept to achieve … happiness is a decision. Because it is a good moment… I have light !! ”. The singer-songwriter assured.

This first single from Camila in 2020, it is accompanied by a special animated video that appears as an alternative to the group’s customary videos. However, the result could not be better.

“Now that I see it finished, I realize that a situation that initially seemed unfortunate turned out to be a blessing because a beautiful video was left that very well represents the message of the song, taking the music and the lyrics to a much more powerful place and deep. I was especially moved by the situation we currently live in the world, because today more than ever we need to find that light that fills us with peace and hope “, counted Pablo Hurtado.

Listens “Light”And watch his animated video here

Light”Is part of the great celebration that the group is having for its first fifteen years of formation. And it is that since 2005, Camila He has reached the most diverse places with his music. His impact does not cease: Either on the radio with his 15 # 1 singles, in front of millions of people with his great tours of Latin America, Asia and the USA (+500 shows in 21 countries) or with his more than 2 million albums sold and their +5,500 million audio and video streams on digital platforms. Today Camila It is considered the group with the greatest impact in the history of the ballad in Spanish and there would be no better way to start the celebration than with “Light