Cameras capture moment when teenager steals car with 2-year-old baby in Maryland

The suspects were arrested shortly after leaving the gas station with the stolen car.

Photo: Roman Koval / Pexels

Security camera footage shows a teenager stealing a vehicle from a gas garage in Maryland with a 2-year-old baby inside.

Surveillance Videos Obtained by Montgomery County Police Evidence of Reported Crime on June 16 at about 9:30 am

The driver of the car and mother of the little girl, who was tied up in the back seat, parks in the air pump and vacuum area to put money in the machine.

In that period of less than a minute, the suspect, a minor under 15 years of age, board the car from the driver’s seat and it starts.

A witness to the incident followed the alleged thief in another car and witnessed a second teenager get into the car.

A short time later, police found the two young men in downtown Silver Spring.

The duo ran off, but after a short chase they were arrested.

Both were charged as youths of vehicle theft and kidnapping.

The baby was unharmed from the incident.

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