Cambur and De Graafschap announced this Friday that they will take legal action against the decision of the Netherlands Football Federation (KNVB) to put the season without proclaiming champions, neither declines nor promotions, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

05/08/2020 at 16:23



The two teams were the leaders of the country’s Second Division of soccer., with 66 and 62 points, and they demand that their right to ascend to the Eredivisie be respected. Now, a court decision in Utrecht is expected in two weeks on this complaint and whether or not to order the league to promote them both.


A controversial vote is at the heart of the issue, as KNVB asked the clubs of the two main divisions how to proceed. Sixteen backed the promotion and relegation with nine against and nine abstentions, but the federation said this was not a clear result and made its own decision.

Remember that the Dutch government banned sporting events until September amid the global pandemic and, as a result, the league became the first in Europe to be canceled on April 24.