Calvo Sotelo Puertollano and Toledo sign tables in the City of Puertollano “Cerrú” (1-1)

04/04/2021 at 11:26 PM CEST

The start of the Second Phase of the Third Division ended with a 1-1 draw between the Calvo Sotelo Puertollano and the Toledo at the meeting held this Sunday in the City of Puertollano “Cerrú”. With this result obtained at the end of the match, the teams remain in first and fifth position respectively.

The game started in an unbeatable way for the visiting team, who premiered the luminous with a goal of Leo Blazquez at 23 minutes. After this, the first half concluded with a result of 0-1.

The second period started in a positive way for the Puerto Rican team, which got the tie thanks to the success of lemon at 53 minutes, concluding the match with a final score of 1-1.

Both coaches made moves on the benches. The coach of the Calvo Sotelo Puertollano gave entrance to Juanfri and George by Juanra Pliego placeholder image and Espinar, Meanwhile he Toledo gave entrance to Alex Martin, Alvaro Anton, Cuber and Oussama Chit by Fran Sabaté, Leo Blazquez, Chele and Ruben Moreno.

The match referee showed six yellow cards. Of the two teams, Richard of the local team and Mansour, Gomis, Rodri, Cesar Ortiz and Leo Blazquez The visiting team were booked with a yellow card.

At the moment, the Calvo Sotelo Puertollano and the Toledo each managed to score a point after the start of the Second Phase of the Third Division.

On the second day the Calvo Sotelo Puertollano will play against him Marchamalo at home and the Toledo will play his match against him Athletic Albacete at home.

Data sheetCalvo Sotelo Puertollano:Reguero, Mamadou Bah, Ricardo, Manuel, Ribalta, Espinar (George, min.74), Carlos, Valdivia, Limon, Abraham and Juanra Pliego (Juanfri, min.68)Toledo:Olmedo, Mansour, César Ortiz, Gomis, Leo Blázquez (Álvaro Antón, min.69), Chele (Cubero, min.77), Fran Sabaté (Alex Martin, min.69), Pituli, Rodri, Mamau and Rubén Moreno (Oussama Chit, min.90)Stadium:City of Puertollano “Cerrú”Goals:Leo Blázquez (0-1, min. 23) and Limon (1-1, min. 53)