Calls to 016 grew 61% in March due to the testimony of Rocío Carrasco

Rocío Carrasco. (Photo: CAPTURE)

Calls to 016 during the month of March have reached the figure of 7,213, which represents a growth of 61%, compared to February, which the Government Delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, has attributed to the testimony television of Rocío Carrasco.

At a press conference, Rosell explained that the service of attention and assistance to victims of sexist violence tends to register increases “whenever there is a campaign”, “a program” or a “case with media projection”, because that is when “many women identify themselves ”with the violence that is denounced or displayed in these settings.

That is why, he has indicated, the rise in these consultations has been registered, especially, from the week of March 22, one day after the documentary in which Rocío Carrasco denounced the mistreatment she had suffered was broadcast.

The “hidden figure”

These women who now call 016, the Government delegate has indicated, are part of the “hidden number” that is seen in surveys. As he recalled, according to the Macro-survey carried out by Equality on this issue, almost 80% of gender-based violence is not reported, nor is almost 90% of sexual violence reported.

The impact of Carrasco’s statements has also been reflected in the online consultation at, where it has gone from February 53 to 202 last month (281% more). In relation to March 2020, this service increased 74%, since then 116 consultations were made.

Regarding WhatsApp (600,000 016), 1,547 queries were registered, of which 680 were relevant, as explained by Rosell. Of these, 566 were related to gender violence, while 114 referred to …

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