Call the police to help your child do homework

More than a year after the start of the pandemic, physical and mental exhaustion is already taking a lot of damage, especially in mothers and the smallest of the house who have to deal with multiple tasks at the same time and with school in home.

Confinement can cause various disorders due to the lack of physical activity and of socializing with someone else, perhaps in the little ones who are tired of being confined, unable to go out to play with their friends but with the duty of doing their homework.

This has caused a series of frustrations among parents, a situation that has triggered various episodes of violence and many of them have had fatal consequences due to the lack of support for tools to handle the situation.

Recently, a case on this topic went viral on social media. It happened in the city of Chaco, Argentina, where A 27-year-old woman named Tamara decided to call the police for their help, as she was very desperate because her son Braian refused to do his homework.

According to the mother, the boy did not want to open the notebook where his mother had left him some exercises, which he had been repeating in recent days, so he came up with an idea for his son to finally fulfill his tasks.

Desperate for the situation Tamara contacted the police to ask for their support And incredibly, he got the help he needed. The authorities asked him to take the boy to the police station to teach him a “lesson.”

The woman arrived with her son and although the minor was initially scared, the only thing the police officers did was give him words of motivation to carry out his tasks. These had the expected effect because with the help of some elements, the child managed to do all the work that was behind him.

According to local media, the police made an effort to instill in these children “good values, as well as the importance of studying and obeying their parents.”

In addition to this work, after learning about the precarious conditions in which the mother and son lived, the policemen started a collection of cash, as well as clothes and shoes that were given to the woman.

“This comforts us and makes us happy to feel useful to society. With their action they strengthen ties with the community, for whom our work is intended ”, explained in an interview the head of the Police Station, Sergio Daniel Luque.

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