Call of the Sea, Xbox exclusive on consoles, premieres trailer and release date

The game will come to Xbox Game Pass on both Xbox and PC and has been developed in Spain.

We already know the release date of Call of the Sea, a game that will sound familiar to you due to its presence at one of the Xbox Showcase last summer, in which the next-generation Xbox Series X and S titles were shown. The good news is that the title, developed by the Spanish study Out of the Blue, will be available from December 8, and they celebrate their release date with a new trailer.

The Spanish studio Out of the Blue is behind the projectCall of the Sea will be available at Xbox Series X and Xbox One, being exclusive to the Microsoft family on consoles. But also will come to PC via Steam, GOG and Microsoft Store. Also, if you are subscribers of Xbox Game Pass either on consoles or PC, will be available in the service catalog. If you prefer to buy it, there will be a 10% discount available: the game comes out at a reduced price of 19.99 euros.

As the study confirmed a few weeks ago, the game will have some specific improvements for the Xbox Series X version, where it will reach resolution 4K and will go at 60 frames per second. The adventure stands out for its artistic style and for the importance of its narrative: that is why it is compared with greats in the sector such as Firewatch. Adventure puts us in the shoes of Cissy jones, who travels to the South Pacific to find her husband, who has disappeared under strange circumstances.

If you want to know more about the game, here you can see 18 minutes of gameplay. Call of the Sea has on the team behind the project creatives who have worked on games like Metroid Samus Returns or Celeste.

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