Call of the Sea, title for Xbox and PC consoles, already has a release date

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We learned the first details of Call of the Sea, Out of the Blue title, on one of the most recent Inside Xbox. In case you don’t remember, the indie game is on its way to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC.

If you are interested in this mystery adventure, we have good news for you. Out of the Blue, a studio based in Madrid, Spain, recently confirmed the title’s release date. Best of all, its premiere is a few weeks away and can be enjoyed on Xbox Game Pass.

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When will Call of the Sea debut?

Call of the Sea will take you to the year 1934, specifically to the South Pacific. You will learn the story of Norah, who searches for her missing husband on an expedition. On his way he will come across a mysterious island where there are traces of a vanished civilization.

Your mission will be to explore the place and unravel all its secrets. This at the same time that you know the history of Norah and look for clues from her husband. If the concept of the game catches your attention, take into account that you will be able to play it next month.

Call of the Sea will debut on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC on December 8. The title will be available from that day on Xbox Game Pass for both consoles and PC.

The game will be offered on consoles for $ 19.99 USD or $ 349 MXN. It has a 10% discount for a limited time. Its PC version will be sold on Steam at a price that has not been revealed for now. Below is the new title trailer:

“During your journey on Call of the Sea we want to pique your curiosity. They will uncover the remains of a lost civilization and hidden secrets while searching for clues to the expedition’s fate. They will also begin to realize that things are not as they seem at first, ”Tatiana Delgado, project director, commented previously.

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Call of the Sea will debut on December 8 for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. It will be available on Xbox Game Pass from its opening day. Here you will find more information about him.