Call of Duty tournament experiences scandal over cheating accusations

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As in the professional competitions of any sport, video game competitions, especially renowned ones, have clear rules that punish any type of cheating and act that goes against fair play. However, as in all sports, it is not perfect and can always be subject to failure. Sadly, the above has taken place at a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament following a wrongful accusation.

A cheating accusation sparked a scandal at a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament

During the celebration of the Twitch Rivals tournament, Call of Duty: Warzone Doritos Bowl, with a guaranteed purse of $ 250,000 USD, the controversy flared because streamer Metzy_B’s team was accused of cheating by Tom Trewren of 100 Thieves, who He pointed out that the first one was using cheats, specifically some tool so that the scope would automatically point to any rival and make it look like a fortuitous event. Following the accusation, the tournament organizers and Twitch decided to expel the Metzy_B team as their performance in competition was “unnatural beyond a reasonable doubt”.

Although it seemed to be a fair punishment, in reality it was an injustice because after an exhaustive review, including the clips and the PC files of the Metzy_B team, it was determined that there was no cheating, so the expulsion did not have to have happened. Immediately, the criticism turned against Tom Trewren, who had no choice but to apologize and hide from the fact that, from his perspective, he considered that something was not right with the performance of the opposing team.

After the apology, Metzy_B revealed that he spoke with Tom Trewren and assured that everything went well between them and even pointed out that he understood their doubts during the competition. However, he took the opportunity to acknowledge that Trewren has been the only one who has had the courage to offer an apology, as the original accusations were followed by other streamers and participants who, so far and after confirming the error, have not commented. any.

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