Call of Duty Mobile will receive a visit from John McClane and Rambo this week

Two of the best action films of the 80s will have a presence in what is today one of the most popular mobile games in the world, Call of Duty: Mobile.

The game of the well-known Activision saga does not stop receiving news and this time it has joined forces with two John, Rambo and Maclane, protagonists of “Rambo” and “The glass jungle” adding content for the remainder of season 3.

Call of Duty Mobile adds Rambo and Die Hard content


Rambo and McClane are coming to Call of Duty

The update will arrive on May 20 as confirmed by the official twitter of the game. Both characters will feature their iconic weapons like the case of the bow and Rambo’s explosive dates. In the case of McClane … well, the typical, pistols, submachine guns and the like.

To greater abundance, rumors suggest that we could have a new scenario or map in the game. It is about Nakatomi Plaza, the fictional building that appears in the first Die Hard movie and is attacked by violent terrorists. As a curious note, this building is actually the Fox Plaza, headquarters of the 20th Century Fox film company.

The modeling of the characters has already been shown, although the most fanatical of the sagas are not very happy with the results. It should be added that all this content in addition to reaching Call of Duty Mobile, It will also be received by other titles in the saga such as Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

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