Since an outbreak was detected at the facility two months ago, cases and deaths among workers have been on the rise

The authorities of the Merced County, at Central Valley of California seek to temporarily close a food processing plant from Foster Farms in which 8 workers have died from the coronavirus.

« In view of the increase in deaths and lack of control in cases of COVID-19, we have made the decision to close the Livingston Plant located within the Foster Farms Livingston Complex.”Said Dr. Salvador Sandoval, head of the Merced County Health Department in a statement.

The death of the 8 workers accounts for 18% of all county deaths, according to health authorities. The closure decision comes after two months of detecting an outbreak at the facility.

Information from the Los Angeles Times, ensures that health authorities asked Foster Farms at that time, to perform screening tests on all employees, however, this has not been done and cases among workers continue to increase.

A county spokesperson, Mike north, reported Thursday night that a call from United States Department of Agriculture delayed closing for at least 48 more hours.

“Closing the plant is the only way to control the outbreak at Foster Farms. Our prayers are with the families who have lost a loved one, ”Sandoval said.

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