José Manuel Calderón yesterday went through the microphones of ‘El Partidazo’ of the Cope chain and reviewed the situation that is being experienced in the United States with the coronavirus, since the former NBA player currently lives in New York. This is what he said to Juanma Castaño:

“Here they still haunt you at home but you have more freedom to go out. It is getting worse, it is a giant city and there are many cases. The restaurants are all closed, the stores too. Only pharmacies and supermarkets open. They started doing things a little earlier, but then they haven’t controlled it as well. It has been gradually advancing to more states and they have been putting prohibitions but not so strict. “

He spoke of one of the great problems of American society, especially those with fewer resources: “That has been what has made everything cost more, until free tests have come for people and that they could not afford People. You have the test for sure, they have set up places to go with the car, and from there I think the cure is guaranteed. More or less insurance costs them a month what we pay a year for one in Spain ” .

– @JmCalderon, live, at @partidazocope:

– “Here they still advise you to be at home but you still have some freedom, you can go for walks in the park”

– “Many people could not afford the tests due to their high price”

– #PartidazoCOPE

– The Great Game of COPE (@partidazocope) March 25, 2020

Regarding the NBA, he wanted to make it clear that the objective is to return to play as soon as possible, and that this is what everyone wants (he is representative of the players at the moment): “You have to have plan A, B, C and D. Now it’s too early. You have to move forward and every two weeks you have to see the steps to follow. Players and the NBA we want it not to be canceled and hopefully we can play, but when everyone is safe. We don’t mean to cancel because maybe in May we are talking about another situation. Now everyone is going to charge on April 1, we have confirmed that. From there it depends on what the next step will be because it is charged every 15 days. with the same rules. In the last days they have not come out more, I think that there have been six or seven cases. At the moment the quarantine has worked. Being at home is what can beat this. “