CAIZCOIN – An Islamic Blockchain Platform

Caizcoin is derived from the Arabic “Caiz” and is an Islamic blockchain platform that provides payment collection services. With the vision of creating financial freedom for each individual, Caizcoin offers creative financial solutions. The company respects Islamic values ​​and promotes the participation of all people in the modern financial world.

What is Caizcoin?

Caizcoin is a decentralized financial platform and cryptocurrency that can provide fast, safe and cheap international remittances. Starting in 2020, the company provides a mutual platform for the Islamic and modern world to make money transfers globally. The guiding principle of the company is to provide financial freedom to people while at the same time adhering to Islamic values.

Caizcoin is the first platform to be officially certified as an Islamic blockchain platform and company. It complies with Islamic financial law and is also approved by Islamic scholars. The company acts as a beacon of hope by opening up the global cryptocurrency market for Muslims.

Based in Germany, Caizcoin has an expert team of dynamic global leaders from various industries. The collective skills of these people ensure the smooth running of the company while upholding Islamic values. Caizcoin is a unique DeFi platform that takes advantage of modern digital technology and stays within the confines of Islamic law.

Caizcoin provides users with additional security by cooperating with its own decentralized blockchain. Aside from secure transactions, the company also guarantees fast and anonymous bookkeeping and unique growth potential.

What does Caizcoin offer?

Caizcoin is also a cryptocurrency that works on the Islamic principle in the Defi space. In addition to being a blockchain, the company also offers the Caizcoin API to accommodate easy third-party integrations, such as credit cards, wallets, sellers, etc., to incentivize the use of its currency. Users can also benefit from Caizcoin wallets, which provide maximum security and privacy for all cryptocurrency transactions. Caizcoin is a complete digital banking solution that works in accordance with the principles and values ​​of Islamic banking.

The company, like stablecoin, offers several modern digital financial solutions to encourage its global use. They even provide a fee waiver to investors around the world for a specific withdrawal ratio. These investors can enjoy a secure, private and fast transfer of funds using Caizcoin’s blockchain technology.

The company has a broad user base, including traveling business people and followers of Islam who use online money transfer services. They also serve institutional and retail investors to promote global business transactions. Caizcoin has established its presence in various places such as Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, North and South America.


Caizcoin is a trusted platform with a team of global experts that offers technological and innovative solutions for the global cryptocurrency exchange industry. The company is now offering a private sale of its cryptocurrency that can benefit its users. Caizcoin as a stablecoin can be used for various purposes, including for purchases without any additional charges.