CaixaBank offers early retirements to unions from 52 years of age to save the ERE

CaixaBank offers early retirements to unions from 52 years of age to save the ERE

The CaixaBank management has submitted to the legal representation of the workers a new compensation proposal for employees that leave the entity within the framework of the restructuring plan that will involve 6,950 exits, while the 60% limit of voluntary adherence to the plan by the group of people over 50 years of age has been withdrawn.

The new proposal, which increases compensation for all age groups, has been proposed one day before the end of the negotiation period for the Employment Regulation File (ERE), which coincides with a day for which CaixaBank unions they have called a general strike.

According to company sources, the initiative presented, whose agreement between both parties should be closed next Tuesday, simplifies the definition of groups by age and unifies the conditions for all those over 54 years of age. Likewise, it reduces to six years the seniority required for employees from 52 years of age to access the compensation proposed for their age group, according to Europapress.

The agency adds that to employees between 54 and 63 years old the bank offers a fractional payment of 57% of the annual fixed salary, keeping 100% of the savings contributions to the company’s pension plan and the private health care policy, with payments of the special agreement with Social Security until reaching the age of 63 with the aim of saving the ERE and bringing the bank’s restructuring to fruition. In addition, along with the required seniority, a maximum of 1,500 adhesions have been established for employees aged 54 and 55.

Another focus of the negotiation, as pointed out by the agency, is in the proposed modification of working conditions, CaixaBank’s management has proposed modifying the risk coverage of the employee pension plan, moving from an income formula to a capital one, and increasing the entity’s retirement contributions to the pension plan by 1%, both for employees from CaixaBank and the group from Bankia when their risk coverage capital is reduced.

The objective is to reduce the impact derived from the merger of Bankia and CaixaBank, which has led to economic and labor adjustments to adapt to a banking sector totally affected by the current health crisis. If no agreement is reached, the bank could unilaterally apply the measures it deems, that do not necessarily have to coincide with this initiative.

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