CaixaBank joins Visa in a campaign to encourage the use of mobile payment among the elderly

The digitization of companies has boomed in the last year due to the pandemic. The importance of e-commerce it has increased due to mobility restrictions and mandatory confinement that users have suffered.

A segment of the population that has needed to adapt to this new situation has been seniors, who have had to increase your purchases and payments through your mobile and also with a card in shops, leaving aside cash. This is so because many establishments have also encouraged the use of cards against money to avoid coronavirus infections.

Seniors have had to increase their payments with their mobile or card

For this reason, CaixaBank has partnered with Visa in a campaign to incentivize the use of mobile payment and with a card among the elderly. The ad focuses on “Help between generations” to explain its message: “Times change and, with them, the way of learning and teaching,” reads the spot.
In this way, CaixaBank and Visa refer to the support of young people, more adapted to digitization, to help the elderly.

And, in general terms, 52% of Spaniards claim to buy more in e-commerce now than before the coronavirus, according to Visa in a statement. But it has also increased 45% contactless payment by the Spanish population in general, according to the recent study carried out by GfK for Visa on consumer payment habits in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

More and more users feel comfortable with card payments, so this campaign also tries to reach a population older than 65 years. “It should be noted that, despite this increase in online purchases and the use of contactless technology at the physical point of sale, fraud has remained at historical lows”, Visa reports regarding digital security that most concerns the target mature.

The new digital consumption habits are a trend that is consolidating little by little.- Eduardo Prieto (Visa)

In this sense, Eduardo Prieto, General Director of Visa in Spain, has assured that “now it is more important than ever to guarantee their financial inclusion by providing an agile, fast and, above all, safe method at all times and places”.
In 2020, the number of CaixaBank clients over 65 years of age who used mobile payment grew 53.1% compared to 2019 and the payment operations carried out by this segment soared 89.4% for the year as a whole.

A generational tribute

The campaign promoted by both entities, which will be broadcast online, pays tribute to the generations that lived closely with the technological advances of the 60s, 70s and 80s. They were the first to watch tv, in recording their most special moments on a video camera and even in experiencing the arrival of the Internet.

In the pandemic situation, in addition to using mobile payment and e-commerce more than ever, they have also learned, like other age groups, to use all kinds of technologies for daily tasks or simply be in touch with your family.

The teams from Visa, CaixaBank and CaixaBank Payments & Consumer, the CaixaBank Group subsidiary that manages the card and digital payments business, have worked together in the awareness campaign.

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