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Yesterday we continued with important rises in many securities of the Spanish stock market and the Spanish selective was able to set new highs since March, at least in closing format. Today is an important day because we should forcefully attack the upper part of the range in which we have been moving for two months.

If this breakdown is confirmed, the next objective is the Fibonacci retracement of 38.2%, which corresponds to 9,451 points. A move quite feasible as soon as they accompany the US markets, as they have been doing so far.

That is why, I bring you a selection of four values ​​that are found from the technical point of view in a very important situation that they deserve their follow-up to be able to enter them in time if they manage to break their respective resistances.

1) CaixaBank: Yesterday he tested his two-month resistance and, although he did not manage to break it, he did double the volume of contracting, so it is quite likely that he will continue trying today and the rest of the week. If there is a break from yesterday’s highs with volume, we will have a clear signal to buy with a target of 2.13 euros where the only thing to watch out for will be an alleged re-entry in the price range in which it has been moving in the last two months.

2) Cie Automotive: This value was able to break yesterday in a forceful way and more than doubling its monthly average volume, so it is very likely that it will continue with its price recovery as it closed very close to session highs yesterday.

3) Gestamp: Another value that has awakened with a higher volume than usual and that accumulates a lot of punishment. However, in this case the protection stop to be placed must be made at 2.68 euros, so it would be necessary to enter with a small amount in order to increase positions as the value gives us reason, since its level Loss cut is too far to enter with the usual amounts.

4) Endesa: Perhaps the most backward value in terms of generating the purchase signal of the four proposed. In this case, we have a new maximum for closings but we miss the volume that yesterday was not at all high but rather in line with the average of the last month. However, if today it consolidates the breakdown of 21 euros and does so with a good volume, the buy signal will be clear and we should see 23 euros soon.

Evolution of the four actions to monitor
                    Eduardo Bolinches