Caixa Econômica Federal will open, this Saturday, 23, 195 branches in the State of São Paulo. The units will operate from 8 am to 12 pm to assist beneficiaries of R $ 600 emergency aid who received the first installment and Bolsa Família beneficiaries who have already received the second installment until this Friday, 22.

According to the payment schedule released by the Ministry of Citizenship, the 9.5 million beneficiaries of Bolsa Família with Final NIS 1 through 5 and the 2.1 million beneficiaries who received the first installment of the aid since last Tuesday, 19, and were born between january and july.

In addition to the branches in São Paulo, 902 units across Brazil will also open this Saturday. To find out which branches will be open, just check the Caixa website.

For those who are not at Bolsa Família and have received the second installment now, cash withdrawal is not yet available. The aid amount can only be moved by the application BOX for bill payment or online purchases with your virtual debit card. Caixa also recommends that even those who can make cash withdrawals use digital means to use the benefit’s resources.

Mobile agency trucks serve locations of greatest need

Caixa also informs that five itinerant agency trucks will serve places of greatest need this Saturday at the same time, from 8 am to 12 pm. See below which cities will be served:

Vila Rica (MT) – May 25th to 29th
Itaporã (MS) – May 25th to 29th
Itapecuru Mirim (MA) – May 25th to 29th
Santana do Paraíso (MG) – May 25th to 29th
Viseu (PA) – until May 29

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