Caitlyn Jenner could run for governor of California

Caitlyn Jenner joined the list of celebrities who are considering run for political office in the United States.

A site report Axios states that Jenner ran for governor of California, since the governor Gavin newsom faces an impeachment attempt.

They also mention that he has received help from Caroline Wren, the fundraiser for the former president’s campaign. Trump, to actively explore the race for the most important political position in the state.

The impeachment campaign against Newsom, a Democrat, is led by Republicans who opposed the governor’s pandemic-era shutdown of business, as well as his immigration and tax policies.

If election officials can validate at least 1.5 million signatures by the end of this month, the state will hold a recall election this year. Voters will choose first whether they want Newsom removed and then who they would like to replace him.

Curiously, the supposed campaign of Caitlyn It parallels the victory of the former Republican governor Arnold schwarzenegger when it finished with the democratic governor Gary Davis likewise in the recall elections.

And now the former American Olympian and Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, a high-profile Republican and former Trump supporter, it would draw more attention to the race to lead the nation’s most populous state.

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