“Cachorro” López will have a litmus test in the box

Mexico City.- With the confidence of working in the gym and the advice of his work team Eduardo «El Cachorro» López Aguillón will leave next February 27 in Villas de Nicolás Romero for his second triumph in the professional field when he faces to Eduardo García.

“Cachorro” López, who is trained by Gerardo and Ángel Rubín points out that it will be a difficult fight, but thanks to the preparation he has had, he can go out with his arm raised.

Eduardo, who made about 50 amateur fights, debuted in the professional field at the age of 17 and due to the Covid-19 pandemic he has not been able to have activity, which is why the end of the fight will be important.

“We have had many problems training due to the Covid-19 pandemic and thanks to the special work of Gerardo and Ángel they have managed not to lose pace and have looked for ventilated places even in ridges and green areas, as well as in Vicente Guerrero to work and the truth is that is appreciated ”, mentioned the young boxer.

López Aguillón will have his fight at featherweight and the second in the professional field that is why it means a lot to take a great leap in his career.

“I don’t know much about my rival, we know that he is very strong and that he has not been active in a long time. We must take advantage of every opportunity we have, that is why it is important to see his videos to know his style, including his trickery, ”said“ El Cachorro ”López.

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