Controversy comes to the Orlando bubble. One more. The pivot Richaun holmes, of the Kings, and the Brazilian forward Bruno Caboclo, of the Rockets, have suffered the first consequences of having violated the isolation established by the NBA..

07/14/2020 at 08:06


Holmes, is quarantined once again after leaving the bubble to pick up a food delivery that he had ordered outside the enclosure where the 22 NBA teams are concentrated as they prepare to start league competition after the break of more than four months, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The player of the Kings He acknowledged tonight, in a statement offered by the player himself, that he accidentally crossed the line of the NBA campus at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, which cost him an additional 10 days of quarantine in his hotel room.


Problems for the Rockets don’t just get to Westbrook, the forward Bruno Cabloco He unintentionally violated his quarantine, but will still have to see his isolation extended according to an ESPN report.

Caboclo He left his room during the initial quarantine. The player indicated that he did not know although all the players were informed about it.

This will mean that the Brazilian will have to do more invasive exams that include nasal coronavirus testing.

Finally, it is not known when James Harden will join the team in Orlando. The leadership has not said why the star base has not joined the team. He and Westbrook They arrived in the middle of this week, but with the news from Westbrook the plans changed.

Houston starts its regular season games again when it faces Houston on July 31, then will have three tough games against the Bucks, Trail Blazers and Lakers in a span of nine days.