Vianney tenderly explained his relationship of “Beau-Papa” with the daughter of his partner Catherine Robert, on the set of C à Vous on France 5.

Vianney open heartedly on the C à Vous plateau. The French singer spoke about the significance of the song Beau-Papa, which is aired. A 3’20-minute track, which tells the story of the relationship forged between a man and the child of his partner, whom he considers to be his own child, while not ruling out his origins. His companion’s daughter Catherine Robert is 9 and a half years old. Guest on the C à Vous show, Vianney entrusted to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine : “I really discovered that we could a lot of love for a child who is not genetically his. To have a child that you start to love when you haven’t fathered him, I assure you that when we are made songs, we have to talk about it. “

And the title makes the little girl smile, who prides herself on having inspired the title Beau-Papa! “She was proud …. As soon as we had guests at home, she would say ‘You can play her!'”, Said Vianney, a smile on his face. “The song is not used to say that it is easy. The simplest is two parents who love each other and period. It was not always easy but it is by dint of love and hope. make it work, ”he concluded.

Music as a common denominator

Vianney have the perfect love for five years with Catherine Robert, a cellist with whom he shares a taste for beautiful melodies. The two lovers appeared together for the first time in the stands of Roland-Garros in June 2016. Why Vianney has hardly been poured out on this beautiful love story with her pretty brunette? “I am very discreet and modest and I want to protect our life. Ditto for my family, I have never shown pictures of my parents or my brothers because we are normal people, we want to stay that way, we do not seek not at all the light “, pleads the interpreter of the tube I am leaving.

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