C-3PO actor doesn’t think he’s going to be in another Star Wars movie anytime soon

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Anthony Daniels maybe not such a recognized name among fans of Star Wars, However, he is the actor who has given life to C-3PO throughout the entire saga. Previously, Daniels He assured that he never thought of leaving the role, however, he considers that it will be a very, very long time before he reprises the role.

In a recent interview with CinemaBlend, Daniels He was asked whether he would ever retire, to which he replied no, no matter how long it was before he put the suit back on:

“No, I’m never going to retire. They’re going to have to kick me out the door… Life isn’t over. Movies can be in the background to ‘3PO for a long, long time I think. But there are all kinds of other media, particularly now with digital formats, of which I am very happy, grateful and proud to be a part. And I want to continue taking care of ‘3PO because he needs it. ”.

Despite this, Daniels knows that at some point the franchise will have to continue without him, because he assures that C-3PO he is an extremely important character. The only one that Daniels he asks, is that the actor who transcends him share the same level of passion and enthusiasm for the droid, just as he did.


Source: CinemaBlend

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