The size of the burial boxes and the height of the people turned out to be so large that Crimean historians called them « giants »

| 09/07/2020 | ionicons-v5-c10: 47 | Camacho Light |

KERCH, CRIMEA.- A group of archaeologists discovered during an excavation the burials of « giants » from the Byzantine era in the city of Kerch, near the Mithridat stairs.

The size of the burial boxes and the height of the people, whose remains are now turned over to anthropologists for study, turned out to be so large that historians called them « giants. »

According to Vladimir Frolov, deputy director of the monument protection department of the Historical and Cultural Museum of Eastern Crimea, 27 graves were found at the burial site, where there were remains, including that of children.

Bronze earrings and bracelets, remains of felt clothing, fragments of a leather belt and human hair were also found at the site. And it was these findings that allowed this necropolis to be dated to the XI-XIII centuries AD.

Vladimir Frolov details that the size of the funeral box is about 2 meters and 30 centimeters long, while the skeletons themselves look like the remains of a giant: if we take into account the complete physique of a person buried there, then this is almost two meters, 1.8 meters. In Byzantine times, the historian points out, the average height of an adult person was about 1.6 meters.

« So far we cannot explain this in any way, the remains must be examined by an anthropologist, who will also give an estimate of the age of the person, » Frolov said.

He added that the most surprising thing is that the same people who visited the temple of John the Baptist are buried there, which was built in Kerch in the 8th century AD.