ByteDance starts selling the Artificial Intelligence of the TikTok algorithm to other companies

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The growth of TikTok both in volume of users and in brand impact has not stopped in recent months. According to a study by Warc, the platform was the absolute winner among applications during the pandemic, surpassing the threshold of 22 hours consumed per month per user in Western markets, where it has extended its influence through sponsorships such as the Eurocup. A consolidated success that has its main base in the artificial intelligence with which TikTok works, an algorithm that the parent company of the social network, ByteDance, has started selling to other companies, according to the Financial Times.

One of the first to use TikTok’s AI is the Goat fashion app

For this new business avenue, ByteDance founded in June a new division called BytePlus that you already have as clients Goat, a fashion application with a large following in the United States that has precisely had technological innovation as one of its strengths, since through its online store it offers a function with which we can see how our footwear fits, using the camera of our mobile. Other companies that ByteDance would be a supplier to are the Singapore-based travel platform WeGo, the Indonesian online shopping app Chilibeli or GamesApp, dedicated to the video game sector.

And it is that the TikTok phenomenon is acting as a magnet for brands and advertisers, attracted by the platform’s ability to triple your user base during the last year, according to the consulting firm Ampere, with special emphasis on Spain (+ 391%), Germany (+ 353%), France (+ 312%), Italy (+ 301%) and United Kingdom (+ 282%), to which must be added a continuous strengthening of its position in the markets where it established its initial growth, such as China and India.

But beyond the numbers, TikTok offers qualitative audiences in the youngest age groups and is the social network of choice for women, who represent 56.8% of their community, according to Hype Auditor. Especially significant is also the growth of users among TikTok’s Generation Z in United States, where it already surpasses social networks such as Snapchat or Instagram with 33 million, despite the conflicts that the social network maintained with the Trump administration, which tried to prohibit its use for privacy reasons.

With this letter of strengths, 44% of marketing managers will increase their investment in TikTok Over the next few months, according to a survey conducted by Warc of more than 1,000 specialists, original and creative content is expected to be a key factor in this deployment. An empowerment factor that, once again, is possible thanks to the Artificial Intelligence that is now commercializing ByteDance.

ByteDance seeks to diversify its business beyond TikTok

But what makes the short video social network algorithm special? This is one of the great secrets of the platform, elevated to the category of industrial strength, but basically it is based on offer recommendations that take into account user interactions, including the videos they like; the comments, your own creations, the hashtags you use, the language of the clips you view, or their location. BytePlus would be offering its customers the algorithm it uses in TikTok, giving them the opportunity to customize it for your applications and clients.

The ByteDance subsidiary also has in its portfolio of services the automatic voice and text translation, real-time video effects, as well as data analysis tools. Another utility is its vision technology that allows it to detect and track 18 points around the body of a user while performing a dance or making gestures, a service that could be useful, according to BytePlus, for a beauty or fashion app.

In this way, TikTok would be following in the footsteps of technological giants such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Alibaba, Baidu or Tencent, which also offer their AI developments to third parties. In fact, ByteDance has recruited workers from some of these companies to develop its new unit, with which it wants to diversify its business beyond TikTok. In this regard, the Chinese company launched in 2019 Lark, a messaging alternative to Slack or Teams and is developing other products such as mobile games or video editing applications with which to strengthen its global position.

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