By Yadhira Carrillo, Luis Miguel rejected the beauty queen

By Yadhira Carrillo, Luis Miguel rejected the beauty queen | Instagram

Apparently the “Sun of Mexico“I would completely reject a beauty queen after the name Yadhira Carrillo emerged:” Since that day I have a grudge in my heart, I no longer want to be with him singer Luis Miguel, “said the former contest participant.

The former “Nuestra Belleza México”, Luz María Zetina, recently shared that after considering herself a “red bone fanatic” of Luis Miguel, the star of Mexico, made him ugly and changed her for Yadhira Carrillo.

It was during the “Anecdotes with celebrities” section of the morning “Sale el Sol”, the presenter recalled that her youth idol was the “Sun of Mexico” and related the experience she lived with the artist.

I never met him, I was going to make a video with him, because Pedro Torres spoke to me and said “Hey, would you like to make a video, I’m producing … and what do you think? … I said yes … . And what do you think ?, that Luis Miguel said no “… Zetina said.

This would strongly hurt the ego of the actress, model and host, who made herself known after her past triumph in the Nuestra Belleza México contest in 1995.

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After the refusal on the part of the interpreter of “Guilty or not”, Luz María discovered who was the artist who supplied her in the video clip. “And they put Yadhira Carrillo“.

From that moment, the host of “Netas Divinas” indicates that she harbors a “resentment in her heart,” also reiterates with aplomb, “I no longer want to be with Luis Miguel,” she commented, hinting that her admiration for the “born in Puerto Rico “would have changed completely.

Several weeks ago, Yadhira Carrillo, shared to the media how “LuisMi” would have put his eyes on her to make a video clip.

The television actress would capture the attention of one of the greatest figures of music and entertainment, who points out, at some point he contacted her for the video recordings of the song “What are you happy”, which was released during 2004 and It is part of his record album, México en la piel.

He was a gentleman all the time, very respectful, and I was always a person who gave himself a lot to respect, he commented

It is always an honor that someone like him can choose you, an artist of his stature, it is important that he chooses you. For me it was a great privilege, he said that he saw me in my novels and that he liked how I cried very much, the actress recounted in an interview for the program “De primera mano”.

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For most of his life, the “record producer” has not only faced new controversies over the women who were portrayed in his Netflix-authorized bioseries: “Luis Miguel: The series”, his conquests, as well as women who maintained a rapprochement with the “star king” have taken on a strong relevance in recent years.

It would be Yadhira Carrillo herself who would tell how she participated in the musical proposal that the top performer was preparing in those years (2004).

It was Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri who, together with Pedro Torres, sought her out to record the video scenes. The current wife of the lawyer Juan Collado, revealed that LuisMi chose her because “he liked the way he cried in the soap operas,” that’s how the main character acted, although he reiterates, he always kept a distance with the interpreter of “La Inconditional.”

It was given as part of the story of the video, since it narrates the separation of two lovers, in one scene, Luis Miguel kisses her on the lips. Undoubtedly, a great opportunity in the career of the telenovela actress of which she would keep a good memory, taking into account that many of the stars would have dreamed of being part of a project with the “Sun”.

It is worth mentioning that at that time, “Micky” already had a relationship with which the mother was her two children, Miguel and Daniel Gallego Arámbula, which she procreated during her relationship with “La Chule”, although unfortunately, everything came to her end back in 2009.

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For her part, Yadhira commented that she remembers those moments with great professionalism from both of them in the middle of the rehearsal process.

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