By the end of the year there will be 40 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines in the US.

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany insisted on attributing the progress in vaccines to the administration of Donald Trump, even though she has intentionally downplayed the disease.

The White House announced that there will be some 40 million doses available for the COVID-19 vaccine at United States towards the end of this year, thanks to the advances of pharmaceutical companies Pfizer Y Modern.

“According to the vaccine, we believe there will be 40 million doses available by the end of the year, “said the White House spokeswoman, Kayleigh McEnany, at a press conference, the first since October 1.

McEnany recalled the progress made by Pfizer Y Modern, who have reported “successful results” in their vaccines: “Each has achieved a vaccine for COVID-19 that is around 90 percent effective. We know that the Modern is 94.5 percent effective and that of Pfizer 95 percent, this is extraordinary, ”he said.

During the press conference, McEnany insisted on attributing the progress on vaccines to the president’s administration, Donald Trump, despite the fact that at the beginning of the pandemic he intentionally downplayed the importance of the disease, which he himself has recognized, so that do not panic among the population, and refused to wear mask in public for several months.

The spokeswoman for the White House stressed that “this really extraordinary progress that you have already heard from doctor (Anthony) Fauci (the main epidemiologist of the Government) and others to speak was only possible because of the president, who said at the same time ‘I’m going to find a vaccine, I’m going to do something new, I will make it‘for many American lives to be saved, thanks to the president Trump and to the great work of the speed of light operation“.

This operation was launched by the White House in collaboration with the Pentagon to facilitate the manufacture and distribution of future coronavirus vaccines.

This Friday, Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech requested emergency authorization from the US drug regulator (FDA) to be able to begin distributing their vaccine, which could be supplied to a population at risk from December.

The Food and Drug Agency (FDA) must review at least two months of volunteer response data to the vaccineAs well as certifying its safety in children, the elderly and racially diverse, but given the urgency of the process, it could take weeks for the first American vaccine against COVID-19 to be available.

Pfizer has not used funds from the U.S. government for the development of the vaccine, which he has financed out of pocket, although he has reached an agreement with Washington worth almost 1,950 million dollars to provide them with 100 million doses.

For its part, Modern, which has also presented preliminary results similar to those of Pfizer and could request authorization from emergency shortly, it does owe part of its success to the injection of funds from the United States Government in the historically rapid process of development of the vaccine.

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