By delta variant! They recommend vaccinated to wear a mask in contagion areas

15 minutes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, in English) recommended on Tuesday that fully vaccinated Americans return to wearing a mask indoors in most of the country for the delta variant.

The change in the CDC guidelines responds to the increase in infections in the country by the delta variant, which is more contagious.

At least 83% of the sequenced COVID-19 cases in the US are assumed to be due to this variant.

“In areas with high or notable rates of infection, the CDC recommends that fully vaccinated people wear a mask in public places and indoors,” said the director of that federal agency, Rochelle Walensky.

He recommended the use of a mask for everyone who attends a school, from preschool to those teaching 18-year-olds.

“Including teachers, staff, students and visitors, whatever their vaccination status,” he said.

In mid-May, as the vaccination campaign in the United States progressed, the CDC noted that those who had already received the full regimen could go without a mask most of the time, even indoors.

The change in these guidelines is due to the “concern” generated in the CDC the review of new studies on the delta variant.

“In rare cases, some of the people vaccinated and infected with the delta variant can be contagious,” he explained.

Nearly two-thirds of counties in the United States have high or notable rates of COVID-19 transmission, by CDC benchmarks, so the agency’s recommendations apply to most of the country.

The new guidelines do not imply a mandate at the national level, but recommendations, although the CDC influences the decisions of the authorities of each state and locality of the country.

At the end of June, given the expansion of the delta variant, the World Health Organization (WHO) suggested that those vaccinated should continue to wear a mask, especially if they were in areas with a high incidence of infections, but the United States maintained its guidelines.

In the last week, infections rose almost 47% in the US.

Hospital admissions for the disease increased 32%, while vaccination remains virtually stagnant, with just 57% of those over 12 years fully vaccinated, according to the CDC.

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