The search and purchase of vehicles online has grown 40% at this time during the pandemic and under this statistic, the first Peugeot e-Store was born to offer a different experience with sales quality, as well as increasing interaction with those who have a real buying intention and looking for options on the internet.

The launch is made within the framework of the “Hot-Sale”, as an opportunity to boost sales of the French firm. To acquire any Peugeot vehicle, enter the portal and then the model, color, version and State of the Republic where the client is located are selected. The second step is to locate the available dealer within a radius of 500 kilometers. The third step is to enter the contact information, so that the client can then set aside the Peugeot car of their choice with 5,000 pesos. Finally, the chosen dealer will contact the customer to complete the purchase process.

For the launch of this platform, during the “Hot-Sale” (from May 22 to June 1) only purchases by e-Store will be granting free insurance for one year for the entire range.

According to Dumas, this is the beginning of several stages in the future of Peugeot, “today is ‘D-Day’, the launch of the first store of this type in Mexico, because the customer can buy a vehicle from home or where you are ”.

However, the agencies will reopen but with security protocols that begin with collaborators and the review of their health status; the constant sanitation of the spaces; keep the healthy distance; Test Drive insurance, pre and post sale, with different standards than those known; the constant cleaning and disinfection of the vehicles and finally the collection and home delivery of the scheduled appointments to the workshop.

During the virtual presentation, the manager shared different impressions about this new concept of online shopping, as well as the forecast for the automotive industry in Mexico. “No adjustments will be made to the dealer network. The market will resume a different speed, but we will not make drastic decisions, it is too early to know what will happen tomorrow in the market ”, this regarding possible changes in the appearance of the brand in Mexico.

Regarding the programming of future releases such as 2008, “we will do it at an appropriate time, so the product plan is maintained.”