Who have you never seen the face of? Not me, but there are stories of losses so tragic that they could make anyone doubt about the humanity of the human being. We are miserable. And if you don’t believe it, ask the guy who tried to buy a iPhone SE in an online store and received a Boing “Stupid Boing!” Let’s see how he feels. And the worst thing is that the juice was guava. Guava!

The story started like any other internet purchase. Twitter user Salvador Gómez told Radio Fórmula how he bought an iPhone from the SE range through the online store of SearsAnd how, when I received the package, the only thing in the box was half a liter of an absurd guava juice. According to him, it was the first time that he and his wife had bought in the Sears online store, but they decided to do so when they saw that their prices were cheaper than those of other stores.

Apparently they had bought two devices but one of them was out of stock for which they received their due refund. But they were still waiting for the arrival of his other phone. On Monday, September 7, his package arrived … but you know what happened.

“Friends, be very careful with online purchases,” he wrote on Twitter. “This just happened to us. We bought an iPhone SE in @searmexico today the package arrived and this is what came inside (not a joke!) The only answer they give is that you send an email so that they do the investigation, “he denounced.

Gomez shared her tragic story on Twitter and the response she received from the company was a promise to solve her problem as soon as possible. However, he was not the only buyer who was scammed by a Boing. User Nan Martí shared that he also received a juice in exchange for his iPhone. At least his was mango.

Martí also attached the evidence of the scam to which he was subjected:

Gómez said that the store promised him the return of his money in a period of between five or 10 days.