The British will participate in the Legends Trophy along with other stars

He shared track and battle with Fernando Alonso in a previous test

Jenson Button is clear that he will not compete in the Indianapolis 500 Miles. This has been jokingly commented on his Twitter account alleging that with the virtual race of IndyCar that he disputed he had already had enough.

It should be remembered that Button will participate in the Legends Trophy this May 23 and before that he has given a few laps around the track with the rest of the participants, among whom was Fernando Alonso. The Asturian and the British faced each other again on the track, albeit virtually, after the stage they shared together in Formula 1.

The world champion of the queen category has shown how much fun he had, although the rivalry was present at all times almost as if it were a real race on a circuit.

“Great fun! After driving Indy in the simulator, I will definitely not do the Indy 500! I am scared driving in the game,” said the British jokingly on his Twitter account.

As an anecdote to highlight, the first time that Alonso competed in the Indianapolis 500 Miles in the 2017 season was replaced by Button in the premier class. The appointment coincided with the Monaco GP and the one who was a Brawn GP pilot had left Formula 1 at the end of 2016. He returned on that occasion to take the place of the Asturian and abandoned on lap 57 after a collision.

The one who is going to try to win in the Indy 500 is precisely the Spanish. The appointment was postponed to August 23 due to the coronavirus, but Alonso aims to qualify for the race, something that did not happen in his previous participation, and to win it. In this way, he would thus complete the triple crown, having already won the Formula 1 Monaco GP and the championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Curiously, he has won twice in the Principality and in Le Mans and is two-time world champion in Formula 1.

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