Button charges against Fernando Alonso: “Four years ago you wouldn’t want him on your team”

Even though Jenson Button has always been full of praise for Fernando Alonso, with whom he agreed four years ago at McLaren, has now said that he hopes he has changed because he has hinted that the Asturian driver was not a good teammate at the time.

“Raikkonen also moved away from Formula 1 and spent a few years away, and he realized how good Formula 1 is. That’s why they come back and that’s why Fernando Alonso returns. It helped Kimi and I think Fernando will return as a better driver ”, the Briton started saying when he was questioned by Alonso in Motorsport.

“I don’t know if he will come back with more racing skills, or in the way he works with the team, but I think it will be very different. It will be interesting to see, because Fernando from three or four years ago, you wouldn’t want him on your team. But now I believe that he will be a much more team man and that he understands what is necessary to succeed”Added Jenson Button, hinting that the Spaniard was very individualistic at the time.

Button’s praise for Fernando Alonso

On the two seasons that coincided at McLaren, Jenson button previously said: “It has been exceptional. He won two world titles and was very close a couple more times. Not many people get that. My toughest partner. I really enjoyed it”.

On another occasion he commented on Spanish: “The fastest would be Hamilton and the strongest in all areas is Alonso. They both have extreme talent and titles ”.

It should be noted that Jenson Button came to publicly doubt that Fernando Alonso were to sign for Renault so, although there is a good relationship between them, it seems clear that they do not speak often. Will the Asturian reproach his former partner for his latest statements?