Button: «Alonso will return differently, you wouldn’t want him on your team from three years ago»

Jenson Button was the penultimate teammate that Fernando Alonso had in Formula 1 and has spoken about the return of the Spanish driver to the premier class, stating that his experience in other categories will allow him to be more of a team player.

Fernando Alonso has always had Relentless partner and tough team player fame, although the Spanish have always denied it. And, according to the words of Jenson Button, the penultimate partner he had in Formula 1, the fame is well earned, as the English believes that his return to the premier class will be accompanied by a very different driver from the one who left.

“Räikkönen walked away from F1 and spent a few years away, realizing how good F1 is. That is why Fernando is coming back, ”said Jenson Button, who has also tried other categories in the motor world after his time in Formula 1.“ It helped Kimi and I think Fernando will return as a better driver. I don’t know if with more skills as a racing driver or in terms of the way he works with the team, but I think it will be very different ».

“Now I think he is much more of a team man and understands what is necessary to succeed”

After saying goodbye to F1 in 2018, Alonso has gone through the WEC, IndyCar and Dakar, two of them competitions in which teamwork and camaraderie are paramount. «It will be interesting to see, because you wouldn’t want Fernando from three or four years ago on your team. But now I think he is much more of a team man and understands what is necessary to succeed, “said Button in relation to Alonso’s return with Renault in 2021.

His farewell to Formula 1

Jenson Button, like Fernando Alonso, gave many laps to his retirement from the premier class, threatening on several occasions and ending this stage at the end of 2016 (Although he returned on time in Monaco 2017 as a replacement for Alonso himself, present in the Indianapolis 500).

“It’s funny, because now I look at F1 and think:“ I wish I had done it a couple of years more. ”But it’s easy to look back and say that, you forget that you gave a lot to F1, that I spent 17 years competing in that category and I was really tired and mentally exhausted », recognizes the 2009 world champion.

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I needed to get out. At the end of 2014 I said to my colleagues: “I’m going to retire, I’ve had enough” ”, recalls Button. «And they told me: ‘No, no, no, do one more year’. Well, at the end of 2015 I had a good year, but I thought, “No, I want to go.” And they told me: “No, just one more year.” In 2016, in the middle of the year, the flame went out and that’s when I knew it was the right time because, before the end of the year, I had already decided that enough was enough ».

Although Button longs for F1, he acknowledges that his subsequent experience in touring cars and endurance has been very satisfying. It was the right time to retire. Should I have come back and done a year or two? Maybe but I have had a lot of fun competing in Japan. It was much more relaxed and fun », concludes.