Butcher available for free on GOG to bring his bloody pixel-art action to all PCs

The game is available at no cost through a GOG promotion focused on Polish games.


It’s never bad news that you can get a free game. And that you can do right now from GOG, the CD Projekt RED platform, which offers the Butcher game without having to invest a single cent, as part of a promotion based on games developed in Poland. It can be downloaded from anywhere in the world for free and, as usual, without DRM.

Butcher is free on GOG as part of a promotion for games developed in PolandIn case you don’t know him, Butcher is a 2D retro cut game and pixel art style that stands out for its visceral and bloody action, which puts us in the shoes of a robot that, basically, will have to end everything that crosses its path, as it happened in the games of yesteryear. There is a wide arsenal of weapons to be able to do it in an original way, including a chainsaw. A fact that serves to give you an idea that the color red will predominate on the screen.

In addition, within the promotion there is also the possibility of acquiring the game’s BSO at 50% discount. The game, which is also available on other systems, is a “love letter written in blood dedicated to the classic games of the genre.” Blood, fire and destruction are its hallmarks.

You can get Butcher for free from the GOG website, where they usually offer this type of promotion. A title willing to do the delights of the most classic of the place, but also any type of player thanks to its unbridled action.

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