Yes, you read correctly, I said Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It is possible that many people this name does not say anything, it may be for some, even the first time they hear that name. Furthermore, there may be those who think that it has never existed, nor does it exist, nor will it exist. And if you are one of the last, then you will be one of those who have been surprised to read it, since until just a few hours ago, nobody thought that this device would exist.

And yet, a leak published by Technology Meow on the popular Chinese social network Weibo surprises us not only because it claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will indeed exist, but because it even reveals a multitude of data about it. So many that, in truth, it is a bit striking that they all see the light in the same filtration. Even more if we take into account that we are talking about a smartphone that practically no one expected to arrive.

It is important, therefore, to take this filtration with tweezers, since unlike others that are more reliable, here we find a huge set of data that, although yes they could fit well into the technical specifications of a supposed Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, contrast with the informative silence in this regard. We have known for months about two versions of the Note 20, standard and “Plus”, and even what its design could be. So much of one and nothing of the other?

Expressed therefore, the reservations that should be in the face of this leak, this is what it tells us about what the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra would be like:

6.9-inch screen, 120 hertz, with QHD + resolution and rounded edges (like Note 10). SoC Snapdragon 865 at 3.1 gigahertz.
16 gigs of RAM and 256 gigs of storage. Four cameras: one main 108 megapixels, a 12 megapixel wide angle, telephoto (4x) with laser measurement and a front camera with 40 megapixels. Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.
5G connectivity. Battery 4,500 milli amps, with a 45 watt fast charger and a standard 25 watt charger. S pen improved.

So, we have gone from thinking that there would be no Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to having, based on a single leak, a fairly specific definition of what this hypothetical smartphone would be like. However, remember what we said at the beginning, it’s a particularly weird leak and surprising, so it is best to take it into account but with reservations, and wait to see if it ends up being a fiasco, a partial success or, perhaps, a complete success.