“Busquets is the key player”

06/25/2021 at 4:49 PM CEST


Midfielder Mateo Kovacic praised the level of the Spanish team that they will face on Monday in the second round of the European Championship, and highlighted Sergio Busquets, whom he considered the key player of the combined Luis Enrique.

“The best of Spaniards? If I started to list it would take up a lot of time. But I’ll stick with Busquets, which is the one that starts all the plays. We will have to slow him down, so that he cannot move without being pressured. We will have to pressure him, “he said. Kovacic who played four seasons at Real Madrid.

Kovacic, starter with Croatia, was surprised by the absence of players from the white team in the Spanish team.

“It is true that it is rare that there are no Real Madrid players in the Spanish national team. That has never happened before in history and that means that players from other clubs have prevailed. The Spanish have great players in all the clubs in Europe” said the midfielder.

Kovacic recognizes the difficulty of the round of 16 against Spain and pointed to the possession of the ball as an aspect that can determine the match.

“We have a very difficult game ahead. The Spanish are a team that loves possession, loves to play. It will be important for us to try to get the ball in our legs as much as possible, to take away what they want,” he said.

“I know that they will be prepared against us because we are a great team and because we have played against them many times. They will both want to improve themselves,” analyzed the former Real Madrid player.

Kovacic he has become a more mature player than the one who played in the Spanish league. He left for Chelsea from Madrid and in London he found the minutes that he lacked in the white team. In addition, he is a fixture on the Croatian squad.

“I have progressed. I am a few years older than that player who was at Real Madrid. I have had more continuity at Chelsea. I feel good, better because they trust me more. I play and that is very important. It is important for every player who not be changed soon. The selector Dalic He has given me confidence and I try to respond to him in each training session, “said the midfielder.

Croatia has one of the best centers in the field of the Eurocup with Luka modric, Marcelo brozovic Y Matthew Kovacic.

“I have played with Luka Y Brozo for many years and we feel good when we are together. Brozovic it is very good for selection. He is calm and constantly looking for the ball and is always close. It is a great help for Luka and for me. And we can make progress if we get even further ahead. What we did against Scotland. We have to get more into the opponent’s area and create chances, “he warned. Kovacic.

Croatia could not beat England and drew with the Czech Republic. The victory against Scotland qualified the Balkan side who did not offer a good level in the group stage.

“The win against Scotland was a huge boost for Croatia.” We needed that win. Against the English we conceded a goal by mistake and lost and against the Czech Republic we did not play well. The victory against Scotland gave us the confidence to be able to play a great game. It was seen in training “, revealed the Croatian player who praised the atmosphere that the current world runner-up lives.

“The atmosphere in the team is great. It always has been. When we come to a rally it is a joy and an honor. It cannot be bad,” he concluded Kovacic.

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