Busquets: "I hope I can continue playing with Messi"

After his exhibition against Slovakia, Sergio Busquets he reviewed the news of the Spanish team in an interview in ‘El Larguero’ of the ‘Cadena SER’. The Barça midfielder was honest about everything he has lived and suffered since the ‘Red’ began its concentration in view of the Eurocup. This Wednesday, after the meeting, Badia’s could not contain his tears.

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24 hours later he explained why: “It was the tension of the whole situation. I don’t like to see myself like this, I’m more of doing these things in private, but I could’nt control myself. The eleven days of quarantine were very long. I did not know what I had done to have it and I was praying that it had not infected any partner. I didn’t want to leave anyone without a Euro Cup ”.

The captain of Spain thanked Luis Enrique for saying publicly that he would wait for him, something that reinforced him, and confessed that it is very likely that he will not play any Eurocup again. “In the next one I will not be sure, although I will do what it takes to help the selection. The World Cup I don’t know. From a certain age you have to go little by little and be guided by the sensations, “he said. Busquets also explained that he has lived the process of receiving the captain’s armband naturally. “I am the player with the most caps, the most experience and the most tournaments and somehow at specific moments I am the one who has to be in front, “he said. “The teammates are making it very easy for me. We are living some very good days of coexistence. The atmosphere of the group is special ”, he added.

You can’t imagine a very proactive Croatia

Like ‘Lucho’, Sergio ignores external criticism of ‘Roja’. It also fits them normally. “If something has bothered me? No, we know that football is like that. We are open to this kind of thing, but As I said before about disrespect, it is true that I believe that some have crossed the line …”, He justified. Questioned by the rival of the Spanish team in the round of 16 of the ‘Euro’, Busquets considered that “I do not think that Croatia plays very different from what we have already met.” “Nor do I think they are going to play you or are going to go like crazy to press up. We have already played against them several times. It is a difficult rival“, large.

The midfielder did not get wet about the future of Leo Messi, although he did say that he has congratulated him and has been talking to him and from the calmness of his words it was possible to deduce a certain confidence that the Argentine it will not take long to sign the renewal with Barça. “Hopefully we continue to share the team,” he wished. Finally, ‘Busi’ did not opt ​​for any coach that he has had throughout his career, but he did emphasize that “you always have in mind the one who gives you the possibility of reaching the highest level and allows you to live everything that comes soon”. “I will always be grateful to Guardiola”, settled.

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