Business productivity software and apps you can use

The issue of productivity is one that companies and their employees cannot neglect, especially now that many things have changed in the field of business, for example, having millions of people who now work remotely and can meet certain challenges to productivity when not in the office. That is why this time we identify and highlight some software and application options that can help with the productivity of businesses and professionals.

According to different specialized portals, these are some of the best business productivity software options that companies and their teams can turn to to make everything more efficient:


From Softwareworld, one of the first platforms to stand out for productivity is Flock. As highlighted, this tool can be of great help to increase the focus of the teams.

It is a communicational software where members of a team can easily collaborate with others. The user can discover all the collaboration and communication tools through the platform instead of having to access multiple tools for it.

Among its features is the creation of channels for different projects, shared task lists, generation of surveys to get feedback from the team, notes, reminders and the ability to share files.

The platform is free for teams of up to 20 members.


Trello is undoubtedly among the most popular productivity options today. If you don’t know it, you should know that it is a visual collaboration tool from which a shared perspective of any project can be created.

Trello works with boards, lists and cards that allow you to organize and prioritize personal work and work life in a fun and flexible way. It is ideal for marketing, human resources and operations teams.

Among the most interesting aspects, it stands out that it has more than 100 integrations with other key tools, such as Google Drive or Slack. It also has time tracking and reporting tools.


According to Softwareworld, this option can be understood as a “do-it-all” tool as it provides multiple functions, such as conversation emails, collaborations, and chat calendar management, all in a single platform. To better understand it, it can be said that it mixes email and messaging.

In that sense, it can be considered a key option for someone who receives hundreds of emails and struggles to communicate quickly.

Other interesting functions it has are the management of collaborative tasks, notes in real time, group chat, calendar synchronization, RSVP online, audio and video calls, integrations with the cloud, multi-language support and reminders.


Its name is a kind of shorthand for the phrase “if this, then that”, and it can be understood as a website and web application that can be used to create custom automations between online services and devices. According to PCMag, it works in a similar way as Apple Shortcuts, but integrates more applications beyond those of the iPhone. For example, you can create a sequence for when there is an event nearby registered in the Google calendar, then a text message is sent with a reminder of the event name, time and address. Small tasks like that can save time and energy while improving productivity.

As an interesting fact about it, you should know that it is a platform that has no cost.


According to the same source, this application can do for productivity what the calorie content does for people’s weight loss, that is, attract attention and provide insight into real habits, in this case those linked to productivity theme. Remember that bad habits cannot be changed unless you know what they are.

So RescueTime can help as it is a tool to monitor in real time the apps that are used, the websites that are visited and the breaks that are taken when working. With the information it collects, it is possible to see how time is being spent in front of the computer.

The platform also has the ability to classify each application or site used in 5 different categories, such as productivity or distracting.

The platform has a free version and paid versions that can reach up to $ 9 per month.


More than an app or software as such, this option is a browser extension that keeps you productive and can block distracting websites while trying to work. The blocks of certain sites can be managed by defined times and dates, for example, from 9 to 6 during the working day or on Mondays. Blocks can also be set after reaching hundreds of limits, for example, 30 minutes within a platform like Facebook.

The idea of ​​this extension is to be able to discipline yourself towards a more productive work life instead of completely cutting off the spaces that can generate distractions.

The good news in this case is that the platform is also free.


Finally, the Capterra firm highlights that this is one of the leading platforms in the free section for productivity, as it is used by more than 8 million companies worldwide. In addition, it integrates more than 30 tools in one place, from project planning, task management, to time recording, employee engagement, customer management and email marketing.

With this last section you can certainly attract the attention of marketers, therefore, you should know that it also integrates CRM and contact center.

In terms of prices, it has a free version that presents a set of business tools for beginners, but has special plans that allow access to more functions.