Burton’s Batman and Donner’s Superman to get comic book sequel

Although in the cinema we have repeatedly seen the DC characters in different versions, there will always be some that were in charge of marking certain generations will always be in the public’s taste. In that sense, Tim Burton’s Batman and Richard Donner’s Superman are two of the classic contributions par excellence most loved by fans, so their return, even in the form of new comics, always falls well.

All of the above because DC has the plan (via) to continue the stories that Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne and Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent established in the cinema, in their respective films, in the form of comic book installments. Superman 78 ′ and Batman 89 ′ will be two series of comics that will continue the aesthetics of those films and will serve as a sort of sequel for both.

The interesting thing is that they will not only limit themselves to using the aesthetics and settings of the films, but they will expand their universe, with new characters and totally unpublished stories. Now the question that remains in this regard is whether all this will have any relation to everything DC plans for its cinematic universe, or if it will somehow serve as a bridge for the commented return of Michael Keaton in the Flash movie.

Sam Hamm, the screenwriter of Tim Burton’s Batman, will return to set up the new Dark Knight stories that will include the return of Selina Kyle, the Two-Face and even the introduction of a new Robin. For his part, Joe Quinones will be in charge of the illustrations and the first sample of his work can be seen on the cover placed above.

For Superman 79 ′ Rob Venditti and Wilfredo Torres were called for the scripts and illustrations respectively. Here the essence of Donner films will be taken into account where seeing a man fly or stop a bullet is still an exciting event. In that sense, the character of Louis Lane, will not know the true identity of Superman and other narratives.

Both comics will consist of six volumes and the first of them will be available only in digital format, from next July 27. The rest of the deliveries will arrive weekly and with the promise of a physical print run for August and October, and a collector’s edition for November.

Apparently 2021 will be a joyous year for DC fans, with the return of these characters in the role and the new Justice League by filmmaker Zack Snyder and arriving in mid-March, for all those with a subscription to HBO Max.

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