One of the main moments that were expected when it was announced that “The Last Dance” would air, was to see how Michael Jordan he behaved like a partner. Jordan himself had warned that people were not going to like how he was going to be portrayed and despite the fact that in the first chapters you did not see much, in the last Sunday broadcast there was a peak moment with Scott Burrell, where he harasses the young player.

In the images from the 1997-98 season, a super motivated and angry Jordan is seen pressing young Burrell during practice. Jordan mentions in the documentary that “Scottie Burrell was a talented guy” but, having a poor work ethic, Jordan decided that “he would be the boy he always wanted to push. Press it and keep pressing. I even wanted him to fight me a couple of times, but it was for a good reason. “

Burrell himself tried to downplay the issue by remembering that “He just wanted to win and you should win everything in Chicago. There was nothing easy, nothing to be given away. You had to go and earn it and the way to earn it was in practice. ” In addition, Burrell added, “You are playing with the man who has the highest standards of any player in history. You want to meet the challenge, but it is hard. You have to get out there and do your job. “

After the 1997-98 season and the title won, Burrell was one of those who left the Bulls and began his stay for various NBA teams, where despite showing flashes of his talent he never managed to establish himself as an important player.