After debuting on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Burnout Paradise Remastered (remastering of the original title published back in 2008) has just landed, today June 19, in Nintendo Switch. And on the occasion of his launching, we bring you a new look at video that you can not miss.

The US developer and distributor responsible for the title, Electronic Arts, was in charge of sharing the launch trailer from Burnout Paradise Remastered. We remind you that the title in question will offer us the possibility of enjoying the original game, as well as its 8 downloadable content packages. Content that, together with its online multiplayer mode of up to eight players, the local cooperative or 60 confirmed frames, makes us find, without any doubt, one of the most complete versions of the famous and dizzying driving saga released till the date. Without further speeches, we leave you with the video in question so that you can keep an eye on the final result:

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Do you plan to get Burnout Paradise Remastered? We hope that, while awaiting our analysis, this trailer has helped you to get a brief idea of ​​what awaits you with this installment. See you on the forum, without you we are nothing!