As a gesture for the excellent relationship that both nations manage, the tallest building in the world commemorated in its style one more anniversary of the Independence of Mexico

| 09/15/2020 | ionicons-v5-c20: 17 | Web Writing |

Monterrey.- The famous building Burj khalifa, the highest in the world, which is located in United Arab Emirates, joined the national holidays by « dressing » with the green, white and red colors of the flag of Mexico.

Through its Twitter account, the Mexican embassy in this Middle Eastern nation shared a photograph showing the iconic illuminated tower, thus commemorating the 210th anniversary of Independence.

Building Burj khalifa, inaugurated in January 2010, with its 829.8 meters high and 163 floors, is considered the tallest in the world, and it is common to see the lighting of this skyscraper allusive to different celebrations.