Even though the containment measures have been relaxed, the reality is that home deliveries and remote orders remain a constant in the restaurant sector. The matter has become the perfect pretext for Burger King in his campaign against McDonald’s.

Whether due to the sanitary measures recommended by the authorities, to avoid crowds or simply for convenience, during this period, applications and home deliveries have grown exponentially.

Trend that grew in the pandemic

A view of what was read in the market before the health situation allows us to glimpse the scope of these platforms at this time.

According to a report published by the analysis firm Allie Market Research, the global market for food delivery apps reached a value of $ 3.79 billion during 2017 and it is expected that by 2023 this figure will reach $ 16.6 billion, with an annual growth of 27.9 percent.

In the Mexican market the figures are overwhelming. It is estimated that Mexican consumers spend every month 700 pesos in services like Uber Eats.

Strictly, figures provided by Statista indicate that every year Mexicans spend $ 74 on home food orders in restaurants and $ 54.4 in apps home delivery, which generates a market value of one thousand 657 million dollars annually, between both types of services.

Before the health emergency, it was estimated that in the national market 6 out of 10 Mexicans They made their purchases through this type of platform, a figure that has grown in recent weeks and that in a timely manner could bring triple-digit growth for home delivery apps.

Brands know it

Although at the beginning of the pandemic many brands decided to associate with already established delivery and ordering firms, over time when this medium became the norm, many firms launched their own services.

Burger King in Mexico, for example, launched a new online ordering system using WhatsApp. It is a virtual assistant that seeks to support Burger King customers by providing valuable information that gives from the location of restaurants and consultation of promotions to the possibility of placing orders by message either to collect the product in store or to receive it at home.

The truth is that this trend has not only served the brand that owns the Whopper as an opportunity to enable a new form of marketing; It has also become the perfect pretext to once again “trolling” your rival.

Order at Burger King and pick up at McDonald’s

In a new campaign launched by Burger King in Finland, the brand has put up a series of spectacular and mupis located in places close to Burger King restaurants.

In these locations, the brand invites diners to place an order at home, indicating that point as the delivery address. By doing so the delivery service will have no cost.

« Almost every district in Helsinki has a McDonald’s restaurant. Sadly, Burger King is not that common. We feel sorry for the inhabitants of the city. We know what it feels like to crave the flavor of our juicy grilled burgers. But luckily for them, there is an easy solution, « said Kaisa Kasila, Brand Manager of Burger King for which market.