The Bundesliga this Thursday approved the possibility that teams can make five changes per game, instead of three, in the last nine days remaining to end this season, after the approval given previously by FIFA and the International Boerd, due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus crisis.


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The modification was made after taking into account sports doctor’s warnings that injuries and wear and tear may increase in light of the long interruption of group training that teams went through due to the COVID 19 pandemic. However, changes must be in a maximum of three batches.

The decision was made in a virtual assembly in which the purpose of ending the season at the end of June was reiterated or, if for some eventuality this is not possible, in July. No decision was made about what will happen to relegation and qualification to European competitions if the season cannot be concluded.

The hygiene and prevention plan of the German Football League (DFL), which was the basis for the health authorities to give the green light to the resumption of the season, formally entered to be part of the regulations of the Bundesliga for the remaining nine days.

The DFL leadership also received special powers to change the transfer period if FIFA opens the possibility of doing so. Further, the DFL could decide that a party moves to a different city from the one initially contemplated if for reasons related to the fight against the pandemic this becomes necessary.