Bumble, the terminally cancer dog who clings to life

In 2019, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was projected a few months to live

| 02/17/2021 | ionicons-v5-c16: 06 | Patricia Agüero |

England.- You should be a lover of pets to understand how difficult it is to lose a puppy, since they not only become life companions for some people, but also become part of the family.

Charlotte mullarkey, a 24-year-old girl from Exeter in England, you have decided to give your pet the best moments of life Bumble, a dog of the breed American Staffordshire terrier, of whom they gave him the sad news that he had terminal cancer.

When Bumble was five years old, she was taken from her owner only to be left in a kennel, like a animal lover, Charlotte decided to rescue the dog and gave her a home with her and a lot of love. However, in November 2019, a month after he adopted her, a doctor diagnosed her with kidney cancer and gave her only a few months to live.

Despite Charlotte paying for an operation to have the tumor removed, doctors told her that the cancer had spread to the second kidney.

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Faced with this devastating news, the young woman who works in an animal center decided to make a list of adventure what for Bumble enjoy before leaving.

« We could have tried chemotherapy, but that would not have been good for her, so I decided to give her everything she needed to make the last months of her life special. Until now, I took her to the beach and to the snow, she has painted footprints , had cheese, steak and pancakes, and dressed up as a bee for a costume party, « he said. Charlotte mullarkey to the British newspaper Daily Mirror.

To the delight of Charlotte and her partner James, Bumble she is still going strong and enjoying her life, a year after she was diagnosed with the disease.

Meanwhile, their owners continue to add activities to the list and Bumble defying the predictions of the doctor and showing her desire to live with her owners who fill her with a lot of love.