Bully actor talks about possible sequel

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Bully 2 It is one of the most rumored games of recent years. No one seems to know exactly if it’s real or not, but we would definitely all like it Rockstar games officially announce it. Peter vack, who lent his voice to Gary Smith, the villain of the original game, would also like to return to the franchise.

During a recent interview with Gaming Bible, Vack revealed that he would be delighted to reprise the role in the hypothetical sequel. Unfortunately, Vack did not reveal if Rockstar ever contacted him for Bully 2.

“Yeah, it would be amazing to play an older version of my character in the sequel. I mean, that would be great. I don’t even know how I would do it. But obviously I wouldn’t say no to them. “

During another part of the interview, Vack revealed that Gary Smith he’s still his favorite video game character, and at least to date, he’s the only one he’s given his voice to.


Source: Gaming Bible

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