Bullfeet: Customize your shoes with more than 1 million possible combinations

As simple as following the step-by-step of the Bullfeet web customizer and, in five days, you have them at home.

If you don’t know the Bullfeet sneaker brand… you’re taking time. It is a Spanish fashion company that manufactures eco-friendly sneakers for men and women in Almansa (Albacete). It is a high-quality, resistant and environmental footwear, which has technical properties: it is oleophobic and water-repellent. The materials used are plastic from the sea, vegan leather, cork and recycled textile.

Exclusive sneakers

Bullfeet has launched a custom shoe design system on its website ( It offers the possibility to choose between a boot or a low-top shoe, with / without a shearling lining and, in addition, to customize the more than ten areas that each shoe has. Every week, Bullfeet adds new designs that allow, today, more than a million possible combinations to be made to customize each ecological shoe it manufactures. This catalog of designs and materials will continue to grow, ensures the company, to offer the maximum possible combinations.

It currently offers 35 combinations of designs that can be distributed in the more than ten areas of each shoe, giving rise to, as we say, more than a million possible personal combinations. And is that each shoe has almost twenty customizable areas between embroidery, button pads, laces, soles and various areas. Each of these zones are customizable both in design and color as well as in material.

Given the success of its sustainable brand philosophy, Bullfeet will expand its sizing offer. In the coming weeks, large sizes will be available up to number 49 (now it reaches 47) and children’s sizes for the little ones. The company is already physically present in stores in Germany and France, and will continue its expansion throughout the rest of Europe during 2021. It is a real pride because, as we say, it is a Spanish company.

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