Build skills for the future in the present

It is evident that we are about to enter a stage of transition towards new technologies that will transform the lives of individuals and societies; the Smart Revolution 4.0 is about to change paradigms and open a window of unlimited possibilities. Humanity will evolve at great speed, in a setting typical of science fiction movies.

However, disruption brings immediate instability and its fruits are slow to materialize widely. In 2020, the immense challenges to be faced with the arrival of artificial intelligence, the automation of processes and the proliferation of digital platforms are already observed. Annually, tens of thousands of jobs are lost as factories turn to sophisticated robots over humans to streamline their operations.

It is true that historically we have already gone through industrial revolutions. Thanks to them, the quality of life of millions of people eventually improved. In addition, these industrialization processes promoted innovation, laying the foundations for technological development in the contemporary era. However, there were extensive social groups that suffered helplessness with the appearance of industrial machines and agricultural infrastructure.

With the passage of time, the number of laborers and farmers drastically decreased. Fortunately, the creation of wealth as a result of the revolution, managed to open work spaces in businesses that provide services in the tertiary economic sector.

Unlike previous industrial revolutions, where the working-age population was forced to develop cognitive skills and move into activities such as the provision of professional services, the Smart Revolution will have a different nature.

Artificial intelligence will surpass human action in multiple dimensions; projects like Watson will change the supply of medical services, facilitating health care and curing diseases; Platforms like Ross already represent a challenge for traditional lawyers who provide consulting and legal advice. Artificial intelligence will soon provide a much cheaper and even better service than flesh-and-blood professionals. Of course, this will cause a major disruption for which we must be prepared.