Buffon, on his future: “I have had nice proposals”

05/13/2021 at 8:54 PM CEST

Martí Grau

Gianluigi Buffon’s career has no limits and, at 43, he could continue playing football. In an interview for Sky Sports, shortly after announcing his departure from Juventus in Turin, the Italian goalkeeper admits not being clear about his next step in the future. “I have had beautiful proposals, I want to see in 20 or 25 days if I still have the illusion, motivation and desire to work hard, to be the protagonist and to be Buffon again“.

Practically 20 years after his arrival in Turin, the goalkeeper claims to feel fulfilled by how things have gone during his career. “Now I’m leaving here and I’m a happy man. It is the biggest prize that Juve and the world of Juve can give me“.

Disappointing season for the ‘bianconero’ team

On the bad year that the team he directs is offering Andrea Pirlo, Buffon focuses the problem on the lack of preparation for the season. “Juve and the coach were unlucky this year because they did not have the opportunity to prepare for the season“Fifth in the league, this year Juve is in danger of being left out of the Champions League next season.

Even so, the Italian goalkeeper believes, after winning the league practically year after year, it is normal that for once the expected objectives are not achieved. “We had to do better and be in the Champions League but there may be a year in which we do worse after nine years of winning“.

Criticisms of Pirlo

Given the rumors that place Pirlo outside the ‘bianconero’ team, the goalkeeper is sure that a reaction from the team at crucial moments of the season would have deflected criticism towards the coach. “If we had made a few points with more confidence, it would have been different, otherwise we would not be here talking about it“.

Now Gigi, who at 43 years of age leaves Turin permanently, does not close the doors to continue defending the goal of another club.

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